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General Comments & Questions:

Submissions: See the submissions page for the full list.
Please note: submissions, event/show listings, and other "bulk" mail sent to the comments address will not be seen (and material sent there will not be broadcast). If, after checking the submissions page, you are unsure which address to use, send a brief question to

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Show Questions

If you have a question about a specific program (for example, you want to know the name of the artist who performed a song you enjoyed) it's best to contact someone from that program directly.
Although everyone will try to help, usually only the DJs for a particular show can provide the information you'd like.

Submissions & Listings

See the See the submissions page.

Performing Live on WRIU

See the Performing On WRIU page.

Interview Guests

If you are (or represent) someone interested in being interviewed on one of our programs, please send the information to and any interested DJs will contact you.


Executive Board meetings are Mondays at 5:00pm in Memorial Union room 328.