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2017-2018 WRIU Executive Board

General Manager: Ben Kinch

Assistant General Manager: Jack O'Marra

Business Manager: Beryl Fisher

FM Program Director: Jon Brock

RIU2 Program Director: Monica Conway

Chief Engineer: Michael Majdalani

PSA/Public Affairs Director:  

News Director:  

FM Sports Director: Sam Murray

RIU2 Sports Director: Stone Freeman

Sports Communications: Josh Turano

PR/Promotions Director: Makenzie Failla

Production/Recording Studio Manager: Sam Lostocco

Underwriting/Sales Manager:  

Music Librarian:  

Non-Student Representative:  

Faculty Advisor: Maureen McDermott


Director Of Information: Bill Parker

Broadcast Engineer: Steve Callahan

Chief Operator: Steve Callahan

The members of the WRIU Executive Board are elected from eligible members of the general staff in annual elections held at the end of the spring semester.
To be eligible to vote, or to run for an elected board position, you must be a URI student who has attended at least three general staff meetings in the past two academic semesters.