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Weekdays 6:00-10:00am & Sundays 6:00-8:00am
Format Director: Bill Melone (jazz @ wriu.org)

Jazz from the past into the future - from slave chants and spirituals, through New Orleans second line and ragtime, and blues from the delta to downtown, improvisation from traditional hot free-for-alls to cool bebop solos, swing from big bands to singers of the Great American Songbook, free jazz to fusion to just far-out, R&B to pure rock and roll to progressive rock to reggae and world, bossa and Latin. 10 hosts each share their very different views of this very American music, which Duke Ellington called "a true barometer of freedom."

6-8am: Sunday Morning Jazz (classic jazz with a side of vinyl) with Ricky J.

6-8am: The Garage (straight ahead jazz and anything else we find in the back of the garage) with Dino D.
8-10am: Swing Shift (straight ahead jazz, swing, standards) with Bill Melone

6-8am: Jazz Journey (mixed bag jazz, jump jive, world music) with Erika
8-10am: Jazz Explorer (exploring aspects of modern jazz, sets featuring artists and themes) with Gordon Forman

6-8am: Mornin' Fix Of Jazz (jazz) with Manuel Morales
8-10am: Jazz With James (the top new jazz albums available, along with classic fusion, funk, and New Orleans sound) with James from Jamestown


6-8am: A Sip With Andie (jazz) with Andie

8-10am: Vocalists and Localists (jazz and blues singers featuring local jazz artists) with vocalist Tish Adams

6-10am: Hard Boiled Rhythm (vaudeville, swing, r&b, soul, real rock 'n roll, latin, cajun, zydeco, western swing) with The Eggman

Good Morning Vibes

6 days of Jazz at 6am!