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WRIU Listen

Listen Now

Within the greater Rhode Island area (RI, southereastern MA, northeastern CT and parts of Long Island) you can tune us in the old fashioned way by turning your radio dial to 90.3fm.

Everyone else can listen to WRIU in streaming mp3 format from anywhere in the world (or on an orbiting shuttle, capsule or space station depending on your network connection).

FM Stream Player

Use the player below to listen to the WRIU FM broadcast right in your browser! Adobe Flash Player is required.

RIU2 Stream Player

Direct Stream Links

If the stream player above doesn't work (e.g., if you do not have Flash Player), or you wish to play the broadcast outside your browser, use the links below.

If the stream doesn't start automatically when you click the link, you may need to manually copy and paste the link into your streaming mp3 player's "Open Stream" or "Open URL" window.

FM Stream
RIU2 Stream