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WRIU 2015 Credit Card Donation Form

Donation Information

Donor Information


You may select a premium (or multiple premiums) with a lower minimum than your donation amount, as long as the combined minimum donation for each premium is equal to or less than their donation. Example: You can donate $75 and opt to receive the string bag and the anniversary cup instead of the sweatshirt, but you could not receive two string bags.

Any donor giving $100 or more may receive one of each premium.

Please select Yes or No for each premium you are eligible for.

If you would like to receive two or more of the same premium, please note that below:

You need to donate double the minimum pledge amount for two of that premium. Example: To get two anniversary cups, you would have to donate $50.

Department/Show Premiums

If you do not see a "Donation Submitted" message after you click the "Donate" button, the form did not send. Please hit the "Back" button in your browser and click to send it again.

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2015 Premiums

Any Donation: The Basics (including a pen, a bumper sticker, sunglasses and a pad of sticky notes)

$25-34.99: Basics + 75th Anniversary Plastic Cup

$35-49.99: Basics + Short Sleeve T-Shirt

$50-74.99: Basics + String Bag Backpack

$75-99.99: Basics + 1/4 Zip Sweatshirt

$100+: Everything (One of each item)

Department-Specific Premiums

Some departments and programs are offering additional premiums. If you are donating to those departments or programs, please note the additional premiums you want in the "Special Premiums" box on the form.

All Children's Show donors will receive the 2015 Listener Pack, including a Golden Ticket, as well as a raffle ticket to win an Emerald Ticket. You'll get additional raffle tickets with each additional $25 donated. For a $100 listeners will get an Emerald Ticket (letting you request 30 minutes of songs in a big block on a Sunday of your choosing).

All Jazz department donors can choose a surprise CD based on your favorite styles/artists. Jazz donors giving $50 or more can select from a list of CDs from Whaling City Sounds.

The Classical department will be offering a wide variety of CDs and several pairs of tickets.

The Folk department will be offering CDs from Red House, Alligator, Rounder, Compass and Vanguard.

In addition to some CDs, donors calling in to the Boudin Barndance can get a Boudin Barndance magnet.

For more information, including full details of the special premiums, visit the premiums page.