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Radiothon 2017 is over. This is what you could've gotten if you'd donated!

Radiothon 2017

This year, WRIU's annual fundraiser, Radiothon, runs from Sunday, April 2 through Sunday, April 9.

This is the very first Radiothon to feature our brand new logo. So every premium is even more of a collector's item than usual!

Everyone will get a sticker, a pen and a bottle opener keychain. You may have a WRIU pen or sticker, but not with this logo! For the first time in many year, our keychain will enable you to open bottles. It can probably pry open other things, too. All while holding your keys. We call these three things our "basics."

  • Donors giving $25-34.99 will get those basics plus a ceramic coffee mug.
  • A contribution between $35-49.99 can get you a very special limited edition Radiothon 2017 short-sleeve T-shirt (available in sizes Small through 3XL), along with our basics.
  • Donations of $50-74.99 lets you cover your head and reveal your good taste, when you get you the basics and a baseball cap with our new logo on the front.
  • If you donate $75-99.99, you'll receive the basics and a navy blue windbreaker to keep you dry and comfy.
  • Donors wishing to give a gift of $100 or more will get one of each item we're offering: The sticker, bottle opener keychain, pen, mug, T-shirt, hat and windbreaker.
  • You can mix and match premiums (or get more than one of a particular one) as long as you donate the minimum amount for each premium. For example, if you want a pair of the mugs, you can get them for a $50 donation instead of the hat, just let us know.

    Many programs and music departments will be offering their own special premiums in addition to the station-wide premiums. Some will be surprises announced during their shows, but here are some of the exciting things being offered:


    Every jazz donor can get a new CD selected from those we receive from artists and recording companies. Just tell us the kind of jazz or artists you like. Donors of $20 or more can chose from 11 CD’s by local artists like Greg Abate, Dan Moretti, and Shawnn Montiero while they last.

    Donors of $50 or more can receive 1-year digital and print subscriptions to DownBeat, a monthly magazine, for 80 years covering jazz artists, recordings, festivals, playing techniques, clubs, news and history; with reviews and the annual Critics Poll. It can be previewed at and is offered by the Publisher, Frank Alkyer.

    One donor of $200 (or more) can have a vintage (1972) vinyl 2 record set unopened with original Stawberry’s price sticker of Ella and Louis duets. Donated by Steve Bianchi, jazz DJ, WBLQ & 96.7 The Buzz

    Tish Adams is going to be offering gift certificates to Tavolo Wine Bar and Arias Lounge during Vocalists and Localists, Thursday 8-10am.

    The fine folks at GZA will be matching up to $500 in pledges to the Monday jazz lineup, The Garage & Swing Shift.

    Folk & Roots

    Folk & Roots Dept radiothon premiums will be any of the following CDs:
    1) THE GIBSON BROTHERS / In the Ground
    2) VALERIE JUNE / The Order of Time
    3) SOUTHERN AVENUE / self-titled
    4) TEDESCHI-TRUCKS / Let Me Get By
    5) NOAM PILKENY / Universal Favorite


    Here’s what you get: $35 – 1 CD; $60 – 2 CDs; $80 – 3 CDs; $100 – all 5 CDs

    They will be available only during April 2 – 9, online and by phone.


    All donors will get the 2017 Listener Pack, including a Golden Ticket, contact info, a trading card, a paper fish, a spoon puppet and other stuff!

    (A Golden Ticket lets you bump your request up to being the very next song played!)

    All donors will also get a raffle ticket for a chance to win an Emerald Ticket.

    Emerald Tickets let you pick out 30 minutes of songs you want to hear and get them played during the show on the Sunday of your choice!

    Every $25 donation gets you an extra raffle ticket ($25=2, $50=3, $75=4) for more chances to win! Your raffle ticket might also get you some other cool prize!

    Anyone donating $100 or more doesn't have to try their luck with the raffle, they'll get their very own Emerald Ticket!


    One O'Clock Radio and Eminence Front Radio are joining forces during Radiothon and they'll be offering some Books, Records and CD's to callers during their giant-size program from 3-9am on Saturday morning, including:
    Garcia – a book by Rolling Stone Magazine. Hard Cover and a First Edition
    Kinks 3 CD collection very rare.
    The Beatles Illustrated Lyrics by Alan Aldridge
    Beatles Album Covers Coasters
    Rare Poster of the Movie “Complex World” previously owned by Rudy Cheeks
    Rare Japanese Import of the Fabulous Motels Live at the Met CD

    These items will be offered "auction-style," the highest bidder on each at the end of the show will get them! Some items will be available with a raffle, so all donors have a chance to get one! So call in to Eminence O'Clock/One Front Radio and try your luck!

    Radiothon 2017 Premiums

    Any Donation: The Basics (including a pen, a sticker and a bottle opener keychain)

    $25-34.99: Basics + Mug

    $35-49.99: Basics + Short Sleeve T-Shirt (S-3XL)

    $50-74.99: Basics + Baseball Cap

    $75-99.99: Basics + Windbreaker

    $100+: Everything (One of each item)