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WRIU Specialty Programming

Specialty Programming

Specialty Coordinator: Bill Parker

Everything Else.


3-5:30am (thursday morning): music for aliens (freeform) with thomas greene


3-6am (friday morning): the beatles vs the stones (rock & roll/pop) with joe d


9pm-midnight: delirium (freeform) with jim morgan

midnight-3am: tba

3-5:30am (monday morning): tba


6-am: one o'clock radio (overlooked classic rock, pop & blues from the 60's & 70's) with cyberlarson

9-11am: voices of women (blues, folk, jazz, hip hop and rock by women artists) with liza, beth & gail, lizzy and reza

7-9pm: alchemy (instrumental) with greg young


8-9pm: dial "h" for hour (radio theatre) featuring the doctor and his companions, orson welles, raymond edward johnson, william spier and many others

9pm-midnight: kind sounds (live music, funk to bluegrass/jam bands) with magic mike or thad

midnight-3am: tba

3-5:30am (monday morning): tba

Specialty Programs

The shows that don't fit anywhere else fit on WRIU