Specialty Programming
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Specialty Programming

Specialty Coordinator: Bill Parker

Everything Else.


9pm-midnight: delirium (freeform) with jim morgan

3-5:30am (saturday morning): eminence front radio (classic rock) with his eminence


6-am: one o'clock radio (overlooked classic rock, pop & blues from the 60's & 70's) with cyberlarson

9-11am: voices of women (women artists) with beth, gail, lizzy, liza and krissy

7-9pm: alchemy (instrumental) with greg young


8-9pm: dial "h" for hour (radio theatre) featuring the doctor and his companions, orson welles, raymond edward johnson, william spier and many others

8-9pm (seasonal): silent "h" for hour (radio comedy) featuring the best radio comedy from across the pond as curated by chris warren

Specialty Programming

The shows that don't fit anywhere else fit on WRIU