Archives-Previous Week

5:30-6am WINGS (Public Affairs)

6-8am The Garage (Jazz)

8-10am Swing Shift (Jazz)

10am-1pm Divertimento: Allen Lawton (Classical)

1-2pm Tina Munter (Student Freeform)

2-3pm Mackenzie Cetta (Student Freeform)

3-6pm Real Reap Radio Presents… (Hip Hop)

6-9pm Traditions (Folk & Roots)

9pm-Midnight Ava & Ava (Rock)

Midnight-3am Alt Rock All Nite(Freeform)

3-5am Alt Rock All Nite (Freeform)

5:30-6am This Way Out (Public Affairs)

6-8am Jazz Journey (Jazz)

8-10am Jazz Explorer (Jazz)

10am-12:30pm Divertimento: The Third Floor (Classical)

12:30-1pm Mystery Mystery Theatre 1900 (Sports)

1-3pm Long Live Rock n’ Roll with Jacob Iacobucci (Student Freeform)

3-6pm The Trip (Freeform)

6-9pm The Kingston Coffeehouse (Folk & Roots)

9pm-Midnight Explosive Corrosive Joseph (Rock)

Midnight-3am Psychedelic Shack (Freeform)

3-5am Theatre 2Z (Freeform)

5:30-6am Latin Waves (Public Affairs)

6-8am Layin’ in the Groove (Jazz)

8-10am A Sip with Andie (Jazz)

10am-12:30pm 47 North Adventures (Freeform)

12:30-1pm Mystery Mystery Theatre 1900 (Freeform)

1-3pm The Way with Billy Maciolek (Student Freeform)

3-6pm Real Rap Radio (Hip Hop)

6-9pm Far Flung Folk/The Celtic Realm (Folk & Roots)

9pm-Midnight TBA (Rock)

Midnight-3am 楽しい音楽 (Freeform)

3-5am Sacré Français (Freeform)

5:30-6am Interfaith Voices(Public Affairs)

6-8am The Daddy Cool Show (Jazz)

8-10am Vocalists & Localists (Jazz)

10am-12:30pm Divertimento (Classical)

12:30-1pm Mystery Mystery Theatre 1900 (Specialty)

1-2pm Catherine Brosnahan (Student Freeform)

2-3pm Taylor Monterio (Student Freeform)

3-6pm Real Rap Radio Presents… (Hip Hop)

6-9pm The Boudin Barndance (Folk & Roots)

9pm-Midnight Markeem Rodrigues (Freeform)

1-3am 903 Soul Street(Freeform)

3-5am Rockabilly Robot (Freeform)

5:30-6am Freethought Matters (Public Affairs)

6-8am Roots & Offshoots (Jazz)

8-10am Jazz with James (Jazz)

10am-1pm Sam’s Jams with Sam Kopper (Freeform)

1-3pm Afternoons with Alli (Student Freeform)

3-6pm Real Rap Radio Presents… (Hip Hop)

6-9pm The Bluegrass Breakdown (Folk & Roots)

9pm-Midnight Delirium (Rock)

Midnight-3am The Night Comes Down(Specialty)

3-5:30am Eminence Front Radio (Specialty)

5:30-6am Talkin’ ‘Bout My Generation (Public Affairs)

6-9am One O’Clock Radio (Specialty)

9-11am Voices of Women (Specialty)

11am-2pm Blade Connex Radio (World/Reggae)

2-4:30pm Cape Verdean Afro Beat (World/Reggae)

4:30-7pm Top Rank Radio (World/Reggae)

7-9pm Alchemy (Specialty)

9pm-Midnight babel’s showcase/Nook @ Nite (RPM)

Midnight-3am Nook @ Nite (RPM)

3-5am Nook @ Nite (RPM)/Up Above My Head (Specialty)

5:30-6am Radio Curious (Public Affairs)

6-8am Sunday Morning Jazz (Jazz)

8-11am World Wide Waves (World/Reggae)

11am-2pm Shades of Blue (Folk & Roots)

2-5pm The Reggae Showcase (World/Reggae)

5-8pm The WRIU Children’s Show(Children’s)

8-9pm Dial “H” For Hour (Specialty)

9pm-Midnight Sunday Night Public Affairs (Public Affairs)

Midnight-3am The Week In Review (Public Affairs)

3-5am Música Nocturna (Specialty)