CD Reviews for 06/06/07 – John Prine & Mac Wiseman

Compact Capsules for 06/06/07
by Dan Ferguson

John Prine & Mac Wiseman
Standard Songs for Average People
Oh Boy Records OBR-038

A couple of codgers covering a collection of standards, mostly country and parlor songs, in comfort food fashion is the quick and dirty on Standard Songs for Average People from the duo of John Prine and Mac Wiseman. Next to the legendary bluegrasser Wiseman who’s in his early 80s, Prine is a spring chicken at the mere age of 60. With an A-Team of Nashville musicians on the supporting end, there’s a warm glow radiating from each of the 14 songs comprising this sentimental walk down memory lane. And while each legend’s voice may tend towards the craggy side, what they lack in fidelity is more than made up in the yin and the yang of the presentation and utter familiarity with the material. (Oh Boy Records, 33 Music Square West, Suite 102-B, Nashville, TN 37203, or

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