CD Reviews for 09/16/08 – Charlies Feathers (3 volumes)

Compact Capsules by Dan Ferguson

Charlie Feathers
Wild Side of Life: Rare & Unissued Recordings Volume 1
Norton Records CED-332

Charlie Feathers
Honky Tonk Kind: Rare & Unissued Recordings Volume 2
Norton Records CED-333

Charlie Feathers
Long Time Ago: Rare & Unissued Recordings Volume 3
Norton Records CED-334

From the hair to the propulsiveness of his music to those patented hiccupping vocals (Who needs percussion with a voice that could do what Feathers’ could?!!), a strong case can be made for Charlie Feathers being the prototypical rockabilly. Perhaps no label has served the Feathers legacy as right as Brooklyn-based Norton Records. They keep it going in spades with the release of three separate volumes comprised entirely of rare and unissued performances which collectively span Feathers’ entire career. The collection moves beyond just rockabilly branching into the hillbilly, country and blues sounds that defined Feathers’ later years and which he was equally as well versed. As a bonus, each disc also includes an interview with Mr. Feathers, informative and colorful liner notes and plenty of rare photos. Sure you can buy just a single volume, all three are essential. (Visit

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