CD Reviews for 11/27/10 – Pernice Brothers

Compact Capsules by Dan Ferguson

Pernice Brothers
Goodbye, Killer
Ashmont Records

It’s been since 2006 that we last heard from Joe Pernice. He has been busy what with penning a novel (“It Feels So Good When I Stop”) and its accompanying soundtrack. No stranger to the indie pop world and specifically his inclination for top notch bummer songs, Pernice knows how to strike a chord. Continuing work under his Pernice Brothers moniker, on the new Goodbye, Killer he garners a talented cast of regulars to fuel his dreamy, if sometimes disheveled, pop tunes adorned with their subtle touches of wood and twang. It’s a quick moving record on which Pernice’s musings run the gamut revealing a staying sweetness that begs repeated plays. Visit

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