Playlist: The Boudin Barndance 11/14/19

The Boudin Barndance: 11/14/19
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Two big things on The Boudin Barndance agenda this evening. First up we concluded our deep dive into the new 10-CD The Bakersfield Sound box set from who else but Bear Family Records cherry picking our way through discs 8 & 9 of the collection. We also saluted 25 years of Bloodshot Records by shining the spotlight on the new and excellent 25th anniversary compilation Too Late to Pray: Defiant Chicago Roots. Aside from that, it was the usual Barndance mash-up. New and recent releases making the Barndance hit parade for the first time included albums from EmiSunshine & the Rain and Ramblin’ Deano & The Ice Cold Singles. Buttshaker of the week???? From The Bakersfield Sound box, Sharon Haley with “Heartbreak Mountain.” Now let’s all grab a cold one, or two, and get to the goods….

Buck Owens, et al – Buckaroo / Box Set / Rhino (intro)

Hiss Golden Messenger – Happy Birthday, Baby / Terms of Surrender (Merge, 2019)
Joan Shelley – The Fading / Like the River Loves the Sea (No Quarter, 2019)
Philip B. Price – Holding Onto Light / Bone Almanac (Signature Sounds, 2019)
Allison Moorer – Ties That Bind / Blood (Autolectic/TT, 2019)
Kacy & Clayton – South Saskatchewan River / Carrying On (New West)
EmiSunshine & the Rain – Family Wars / same (2019)
Dallas Burrow – Southern Wind / same (Subliminal Hymnal, 2019)

The Mallett Brothers Band – Sunny Day / Lights Along the River
Ramblin’ Deano & The Ice Cold Singles – Maid of the Mist / self-titled (2019)
Lucinda Williams – Lake Charles / Alternates on a Gravel Road
The Schramms – Spent / Omnidirectional (Bar None, 2019)
Karen & The Sorrows – It Ain’t Me / Guaranteed Broken Heart (2019)
Jake La Botz – Are We Saying Goodbye / They’re Coming for Me (Hi-Style, 2019)
Kendell Marvel – Hard Time With the Truth / Solid Gold Sounds (Easy Eye Sound, 2019)

Clarence White – Buckaroo / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
The Strangers Stealin’ Corm / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Don Rich – Your Heart Turned Left / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Bobby Wayne – California On My Mind / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
The Hagers – Your Tender Loving Care / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Sharon Haley – Heartbreak Mountain / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Sonny Anglin – Today’s Tomorrow’s Yesterday / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Buck Owens – Arms Full of Empty / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Homer Joy – Streets of Bakersfield / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
club listings backdrop:
World Famous Bluejays – Music from The Big One (Diesel Only)
Merle Haggard – I Know An End When It Comes / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Tide Cartwright – Cheater’s Ground / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Blackjack Duran – I Laid Back Down / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Red Simpson – Bill Woods from Bakersfield / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
David Frizzell – I’m the Bartender’s Best Friend / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Sandy Thomas – Antique in My Closet / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)
Dennis Payne Do You Believe in Me / The Bakersfield Sound (Bear Family)

…………saluting 25 yrs of bloodshot records……………
Moonshine Willy – Way Out West / For a Life of Sin (Bloodshot)
Wild Earp & the Free for Alls – The Last Honky Tonk in Chicago / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Jon Langford’s Hillbilly Love Child – I Am a Big Town / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Half Gringa – Wearing White / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Brendan Kelly & Wandering Birds – Lay Me Down / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Big Sadie – You Never Told Me / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Rookie – Head Over Heals / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)

The Dyes – Liza Jane / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Robbie Fulks – Lonely Ain’t Hardly Alive / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
David Quinn – Long Time Gone / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Sima Cunningham – Weeds & Daisies / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
Kelly Hogan – Gotta Have My Baby Back / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)
The Western Elstons – Toast That Lie / Too Late to Pray (Bloodshot, 2019)

Durand Jones & Indications – Long Way Home / American Love Call (Dead Oceans, 2019)
The Avons – Got to Get Used to You / Bob Holmes’ Nashville Soul (Kent)

Burton/Mooney – Corn Pickin’ / Legend of Guitar – Country (Rhino)

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Boudin Dan