Soul & death – Jim Dickinson R.I.P.

Jim Dickinson died today. Â Dickinson was to the Memphis scene what a Doug Sahm was to the Austin scene. Irreplaceable. Â Every music scene has someone like this. Â Dickinson – early shit, Mud Boy antics, Stones & Replacements & Toots productions, Cooder, etc, etc – the guy was a music monster who it’ll take years to unearth the nuggets and understand the influence. Â In recent years, he was on a recording spree of sorts. Â Thank the heavens for the wake-up call of everything the guy soaked in as on display on those solo releases. Â Songcatcher is what they call them. Â On his next to last, which I’m listening to right now, he covers a Doug Sahm tune which pretty much says it all about Dickinson. Â Taste. Â I envy the fact that the first place he probably stops in otherland he just may see Sir Doug sittin’ at a table watchin’ the Cubs. Â Soulmates in a cosmic music kind of way. Â Check out those recent solo releases and let yourself go. Â Check out Mud Boy & the Neutrons. Â The hall of fame Jim belongs in is one of the mind. Condolences to his wife and boys….