SXSW ’09 Boudin Barndance Chronicles Day 4 (3/16/09)

First off, the skyline of Austin looked striking last night. There’s something about tall buildings with colored lights and Austin with a mix of old and new scrapers sparkles at night with the figurehead the Capitol building. It’s all a sight to behold.

Awoke to clear skies, cool temps, and sunshine, finally. (By late afternoon, it was comfortably in the low 80s. Screw winter in New England!) Day 4 brought more flicks, but having already hit the break even point on my movie on Sunday, I did not feel as compelled to sit in the theater all day. Things began early, that being 11 AM, with “Reel Shorts 2”. Not nearly as good as “3” the previous day, it did have some moments. In particular, the disturbing “Autopilot” and the nearly disturbing “John Wayne Hated Horses” each of which dealt with father-son issues. What with the films ending about 1, hunger pangs settin‘ in, and having yet to have an official TX BBQ fix, I decided to make the trek to the mecca of Texas BBQ, Kreuz’s. Located about 30 miles South of Austin in Lockhart, it has always been a favorite. 1 sausage link, 1/4 pound of brisket, pork chop, avocado, cheddar cheese and crackers was all she wrote. It is artery clogging bliss and sitting on the long screened in area with warm breezes and all is a slab of heaven. Oh yeah, two hot links to go for midnight snacking at some point later this week once the tunes kick in.

Back to urbanity and another flick at Alamo South. This time a film called Goodbye Solo which opens in NYC next week. It was one of these little-in-common relationship movies, in this case a crusty old white man with a story he never tells and a rather Americanized immigrant from Senegal. It held interest, but there just seemed to something missing in it all. Why was Solo so upbeat? What was the significance of Oct. 20? Go see it and form an opinion.

Very excited about the doc picture premiering tomorrow night called The Promised Land all about the musicians who comprise the Louisiana swamp pop all-star band Little Band o’ Gold. Even cooler is the musicians are all in town to play the Continental on Wednesday.<...