SXSW Film-Music Transition Day (03/16/10)

SXSW Day 5 (03/16/10)
With rain kicking in last night and predicted to continue through today, and with 11 screenings already in the pocket, tight schedules were thrown out the door for today. Got up to pouring rain and about 50 at best, so killed time hoping for a break to get the run in. It came about 10:45 or so when rain finally lightened up. Observation: Austin is a fair weather town. When it comes to inclement weather, a big band of pussies is what I detect. Whereas yesterday on a nice morning I probably witnessed a 100 or so fellow souls out on the Town Lake trail, on this wet and cool morning I could count ‘em one one hand. Yes, pussies! Did the thing and decided to check out a highly recommended taco truck on S. 1st for the al pastor torta. El Primo taco track is the address. Met a fellow at the truck who had seen us on line for the Levon Helm film on Saturday, but did not get in. I shared my thoughts on the film and he his on the book. As happens so often, he was a musician and me being the one night a week moonlighting DJ, a CD exchange occurred. He’s got a full plate this week and hopefully the paths cross on Saturday at this coffee joint right by El Primo. As for the al pastor torta, it was a hunk of heaven of a sandwich and I look forward to the next one. Onto the movies.

First screening for today was “Canal Street Madam” all about infamous, or as she said in the flick “famous”, Jeanete Maier. Lots to capture your attention with this film and the Madam was in attendance. Other than naming names, Ms. Maier holds little back in her opinions about the oldest profession.

Screening #2 was “Documentary Shorts” and it was across the board excellent. The films ranged from a story of the last bottled seltzer outfit in Brooklyn (“Seltzer Works”) to birding (“Mr. Birding Day”) to 6-man football in Texas (“6”) to a switcheroo couple on Long Island in the 1970s (“Quadrangle”) to a hypnotist/con man (“Mr. Hypnotist”) to a profile of legendary Bronx DJ Junebug (“White Lines and the Fever”).

Screened out, it was record store time with a stop at an Austin, make that South Austin, favorite, End of an Ear. On S. 1st, while nowhere near the size of Waterloo, what they pack is quality and quite frankly, their prices on a number of new releases beat those at Waterloo. Grabbed some nifty 99-cent 45s.

Food (Whip In):
Basmati Bowl

Music at Scoot Inn:
Strange Boys – slacker garage sounds & real, real good
Golden Triangle – not hittin’ the spot
So Cow – fast punk pop tunes
Turbo Fruits – Nashville garagers with a nuggety sound<...