The Boudin Barndance – 04/24/08

The Boudin Barndance – 04/24/2008
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Spring has become summer here in Rhode Island and nothing makes the Boudin
Barndance happier than a hotter than hell studio. A full agenda on this
evening’s program. Two weeks ago we did a special on Chris Gaffney to drum
up support for his battle against liver cancer. Tonight (and a scant two
weeks later), we memorialized him. Gaff’s music has been a regular part of
the Barndance going almost all the way back to the beginning in 1987. Life
can suck at times, especially times like this. Smoke ’em while ya got ’em,
folks. I’m thinkin’ Gaff did just that. We had a live band in the studio
during the last hour of the program. Featured was Providence-based band The
‘mericans who open for Mark Olson at The Hi Hat in Providence on Tuesday
evening. Fronted by Chris Daltrey who was an integral part of Providence
band Purple Ivy Shadows not all that long ago, the two releases from The
‘mericans are worth seeking out. First time spins went out this evening to
new releases from Kris Delmhorst and The Waifs. Oh yeah, picked up a few
45s (Joe Ely from 1981, Dashboard Saviors on burgundy vinyl, and a 1958
7-incher from Johnny Otis) on Record Store Day last Saturday and made sure
to work them into tonight’s program. Buttshaker of the week???? Dave
Bartholomew with “Ain’t Gonna Do It”. Now let’s all grab a cold one and
get to the goods….

Buck Owens, et al – Buckaroo / Box Set / Rhino (intro)

Kris Delmhorst – Birds of Belfast / Shotgun Singer (Signature Sounds)
The Waifs – Vermillion / Sundirtwater (Compass)
Emma Pollack – Limbs / Watch the Firework (4AD)
Cat Power – Arehta, Song One for Me / Jukebox (Matador)
Amy Rigby – I Don’t Wanna Talk About Love No More / Watch the Fireworks
(Signature Sounds)
Brothers & Sisters – One Night / self-titled (Calla Lily)

Norma Jean – I Guess That Comes From being Poor / same (Omni)
Ford & Campbell – There Goes My Everything / Ernie Sings & Glen Picks
Roy Orbison – Bye Bye Love / Sings Lonely & Blue (Monument)
Nathaniel Mayer – I Had a Dream / Village of Love (Gold Dust)
Dave Bartholomew – Ain’t Gonna Do It / Spirit of New Orleans (EMI)
Johnny Otis Show – Willi & the Hand Jive / 7″ (Capitol)

…….. r.i.p. chris gaffney………………….
Alvin & Gaffney – Two Lucky Bums
Chris Gaffney – Artesia / Mi Vida Loca (HighTone)
Chris Gaffney & Cold Hard Facts – There’s Still A Lot of Honky Tonks In Town
/ Road to Indio (Cactus Club)
Hacienda Bros – Turn to Grey / self-titled (Koch)

Rev. Pearly Brown – God Don’t Never Change / You’re Gonna Need That Pure
Religion (Arhoolie0
Sleepy John Estes – Rats / Mississippi Delta Blues Jam (Arhoolie)
Neckbones – Dead End Kinds / Souls on Fire (Fat Possum)
Reigning Sound – You’re Not as Pretty / Time Bomb High School (In the Red)
The Tough & Lovely – Little Star / Teardrops (Spoonful)
Spanic Boys – All the World / Sunshine (Cinaps)

Joe Ely – Crazy Lemon / 7″ 9south coast)
Dashboard Saviors – All Before / 7″ (Sol)
club listings backdrop:
Treme’ Brass band – Gimme My Money Back (Arhoolie)
Uncle Tupelo – New Madrid / Anodyne (Sire)
Blue Mountain – Rain & Snow / Roots (BMM)
James McMurtry – Ruins of the Realm / Just Us Kids (Lightnin Rod)
Mark Olson – Clifton Bridge / The Salvation Blues (Hacktone)

….live and recordings …..
The ‘mericans – Unskilled (live)
The ‘mericans – Off the Trail (live)

The ‘mericans – Up a Creek / Where All Dead Leaves Go
Mark Olson – Salvation Blues / The Salvation Blues (Hacktone)

The ‘mericans – Tables (live)
The ‘mericans – Stone Walls (live)

The ‘mericans – What to Wear / Where All Dead Leaves Go

The ‘mericans – Hey Driver (live)
The ‘mericans – Charlotte (live)

The ‘mericans – Threadbare / Where All Dead Leaves Go
Mark Olson – Teras From Above / The Salvation Blues (Hacktone)

Burton & Mooney / Corn Pickin’ / Legends of Country Guitar / Rhino (outro)

Boudin Dan