The Boudin Barndance – 09/06/12

The Boudin Barndance – 09/06/2012
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A full plate on The Boudin Barndance this evening with the headlining event a live appearance by local heroes Mark Cutler & The Great Men of Courage. Mark and band essentially played a one hour live concert to close out the program featuring a number of cuts from the latest album Sweat Pain. We previewed the Narrows Festival of the Arts which happens on Sunday at the Narrows in Fall River. It’s a free event running form 11 am – 7 pm with music on two stages and featuring Garland Jeffreys, Duke Robillard, Lake Street Dive, Bob Kendall, Mark Cutler, and more. New releases making their Barndance debut this evening included releases from Patterson Hood, The Lost Brothers, Beaver Nelson, The Kennedys, and the 2nd Lee Hazlewood reissue from Light in the Attic Records. Buttshaker of the week???? The late Janice Martin with “Find Out What’s Happening” from the upcoming collection The Blanco Sessions. Now let’s all grab a cold one and get to the goods….
Buck Owens, et al – Buckaroo / Box Set / Rhino (intro)
Jimbo Mathus – Blue Light / Blue Light (Big Legal Mess)
Patterson Hood – After the Damage / Heat Lightning…. (ATO)
The Lost Brothers – Not Now Warden / The Passing of the Night (Bird Dog)
Emily Jane White – Broken Words / Ode to Sentience (Antenna Farm)
Amy Cook – Summer Skin / same (Root Stock)
Beaver Nelson – Why Don’t I Take It Awhile / Macro-Micro (Freedom)
Charlie Shafter – Drunk On Desire / s/t (Dogshit)
Joe Fletcher & Wrong Reasons – Every Heartbroken Man / White Lighter
Limes – Do You Mind / Rhinestone River (Goner)
Neko Case – Bowling Green / The Virginian (Mint)
The Black Swans – Daily Affirmation / Occasion for Song (Misra)
Shannon McArdle – Warden / Fear the Dream of Axes (Bar None)
Charlie Chesterman – Lonesome Cowboy’s Lament / Studebakersfield (Slow River)
The Kennedys – Cradle to a Boat / Closer Than You Know
Lee Hazlewood – Souls Island / A House Safe for Tigers (LITA)
Beachwood Sparks – Earl Jean / The Tarnished Gold (Sub Pop)
The Flatlanders – Stars In My Life / Odessa Tapes (New West)
Patsy Cline – Walking After Midnight / Essential (RCA)
Harlan Howard – Busted / All Time Favorite Country Songwriter (Koch)
Kay Adams – The Reason We’re Together / Wheels & Tears (Sundazed)
Janice Martin – Find Out What’s Happening/ The Blanco Sessions (Cow Island)
club listings backdrop:
The Sugarman 3 – What the World Needs Now (Daptone)
….mini narrows festival preview……………..
Garland Jeffreys – I’m Alive / The King of In Between (Luna Park)
Bob Kendall – Indian Avenue / Midnight Flower (75orless)
Lake Street Dive – Elijah / s/t (Signature Sounds)
Mark Cutler – Doc Pomus Ghost / Red (75orless)
…………..mark cutler & the men of great courage live in studio…………
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Shame On You
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – This is the Place l Like to Call Home
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Come Out to the Woods With Me
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – The Hideaway
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Hovering
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Dirty Town
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Waste Some Time
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Salvation Cruise
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – We Shall Always Remain Friends
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Just a Paycheck Away
Mark Cutler & TMOGC – Too Many Stars
Burton & Mooney – Corn Pickin’ / Legends of Country Guitar / Rhino (outro)
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