The Boudin Barndance – 11/03/05

The Boudin Barndance – 11/03/2005
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The first Boudin Barndance of November featured a birthday salute to Gram Parsons. Once upon a time, for about a dozen years to be exact from 1987 – 1998 we’d do a big ol’ GP shindig, however, with the well so dry, we’ve curtailed it in recent years. Even still, can’t pass the excuse for a song or four as was tonight’s course of action. Lots of first-timers to the Barndance hit parade tonight, too. New releases getting first-time spins included albums from Merle Haggard, Bobby Bare, Diesel Doug & the Long Haul Truckers, the Nick Lowe tribute “Lowe Profile”, Jud Newcomb (who’ll be playing a house concert hosted by yours truly in April), Marah, Kevin Deal, Johnny Cash, and Cari Lee & the Contenders. Buttshaker of the night???? Not until the last track of the night, Jimmie Patton with “Okie’s In the Pokie”. Now onto the goods…..

Buck Owens, et al/ Buckaroo / Box Set / Rhino (intro)

Merle Haggard – Chicago Wind / Chicago Wind (Capitol)
Bobby Bare – Are You Sincere / The Moon Was Blue (Dualtone)
Paul Burch – Like Railroad Steel / Fool For Love (Bloodshot)
Bobby Flores – Unloved, Unwanted / Too Many Rivers (Yellow Rose)
Merle Haggard – White Man Singin’ the Blues / Chicago Wind (Capitol)

Houston & Wynette – Hey Good Lookin’ / Almost Persuaded (Epic)
George Jones – Brothers of the Bottle / Sings the Great Songs of Leon Payne (Hollywood)
Amber Digby – Threshold / Music From the Honky Tonks (Yellow Rose)
Charlie Walker – Broken Hearts Will Haunt Your Soul / Pick Me Up … (Bear Family)
Sonny Wright – I Love You Loretta Lynn / same (Kapp)
Loretta Lynn – Story of My Life / Van Lear Rose (Interscope)
Star Room Boys – I’ll Play Angel / This World Just Won’t… (Slewfoot)

Leon Payne – Find Them, Fool Them & Leave Them / I Love You Because (Bear Family)
Stonewall Jackson – You Can Check On Me / Waterloo (Bear Family)
Moe Bandy – If I Had Someone to Cheat On / Here I Am Drunk Again (Columbia)
Howard Kalish – If You’re Cheatin’ On Your Baby / What the Hey? (Behemoth)
Jerry Irby – You Just Can’t Be Trusted Anymore / Honky Tonk Heaven 12 (LB)
Rex Hobart & Misery Boys – How Long / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)

Nora O’Connor – Two Way Action / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)
Shea & McWilson – Never Been In Love / Lowe Profile (Brewery)
James Intveld – Lonesome Reverie / Lowe Profile (Brewery)
Diesel Doug & the Long Haul Truckers – Picture of You / Mistakes Were Made (Cornmeal)
club listings backdrop:
Jerry Cole & Spacemen – Outer Limits (Sundazed)
Gram Parsons – Medley from N. Quebec / Grievous Angel (Reprise)
Gram Parsons – Return of the Grievous Angel / Grievous Angel (Reprise)
Gram Parsons – Hearts On Fire / Grievous Angel (Reprise)
Gram Parsons – In My Hour of Darkness / Grievous Angel (Reprise)

Sarah Borges – Think of What You’ve Done / Silver City (Blue Corn)
Susan Cowsill – Palm of My Hand / Just Believe It (Blue Corn)
Jud Newcomb – Baby, Let’s Break the Rules / Byzantine (Curium)
Graham Lindsey – I Won’t Let You Down / Famous Anonymous Wilderness (Catamount)
Marah – The Demon of White Sadness / If You Didn’t Laugh You’d Cry (Yep Roc)

Nathan Maxwell – Brooklyn Bound / Undone (Hoodoo)
Kevin Deal – Hard Times / Raw Deal (Blind Nello)
James McMurtry – Restless / Childish Things (Compadre)
Johnny Cash – I’ve Been Everywhere / The Legend of (Universal)
Charlie Sexton – Once In Awhile / Cruel & Gentle Things (Backporch)
Lonesome Bros – All Around You / self-titled (Tar Hut)

Jimmy Dee & the Offbeats – Rock Tick Tock / 7″ (TNT)
Elegants – Let’s Go Let’s Go Let’s Go / Shout! Northwest Killers Vol. 2 (Norton)
Cari Lee & Contenders – Burnt Toast & Black Coffee / Scorched (Star Tone)
King Uszniewicz – Tappin’ That Thing / Teenage Dance Party (Norton)
Jimmie Patton – Okie’s In the Pokie / Arizona Rockabilly (Bear Family)

Burton & Mooney / Corn Pickin’ / Legends of Country Guitar / Rhino (outro)