The Boudin Barndance – 12/08/05

The Boudin Barndance – 12/08/2005
Dan Ferguson
WRIU-FM, 90.3 Kingston, RI
Thursdays 6-9 pm
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Back to the normal Boudin Barndance routine this evening, at least for the first half of the show where we bounced around. The 2nd half of the program was devoted to tribute sets to two fallen heroes, guitar god Link Wray and Chris Whitley who died within days of each other near the end of November. Thanks to pal Jay Sevey who contributed almost all of the Chris Whitley material. A bunch of albums making their Barndance debut during the first half of the program including new releases from Dave Knudsen (big thumbs up!), Edith Frost (thumbs up), Tandy, and old favorite Evan Johns who is flourishing from a recording standpoint up in British Columbia. Check out Buttshaker of the night????? Link Wray, of course, with “Pancho Villa”. Now onto the goods…..

Buck Owens, et al/ Buckaroo / Box Set / Rhino (intro)

Calexico with Iron&Wine – Red Dust / In the Reins (Overcoat)
Dave Knudsen – The High / The Weeping City (Boronda)
Edith Frost – Emergency / It’s a Game (Overcoat)
Kip Boardman – Andulusia / Upon the Stars (Ridisculous)
Chris Mills – Dry Eye / The Silver Line (Powerless Pop)
Nora O’Connor – Two-Way Action / For a Decade of Sin (Bloodshot)

Kevin Gordon – Crazy Mixed-Up World / O Come Look at the Burning (Crowville)
Tandy – Bait / Did You Think I Was Gone (Yellow Slipper)
Bobby Bare – I Am An Island / The Moon Was Blue (Dualtone)
Frank Black – Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day / Honeycomb (Back Porch)
Damnations – All NIght Special / Where It Lands (Joy-Ride)
Marah – The Hustle / If You Didn’t Laugh, You’d Cry (Yep Roc)

Blaze Foley – Life of a Texas Man / Wanted More Dead Than Alive (Waddell Hollow)
Waylon Jennings – Let’s Turn Back the Years / Dreaming My Dreams (RCA)
Stonewall Jackson – Second Choice / Waterloo (Bear Family)
Floyd Tillman – The Last Straw / I Love You So Much It Hurts (Bear Family)
Texas Swing Kings – Lonesome-Hearted Blues / Are on the Air
Evan Johns – Shadows In the Snow / Mule-Sized (Jellyroll)

Charley Pride – I Know One / In Person (RCA)
Ray Price – Big Shoes / & Cherokee Cowboys (Bear Family)
Les Paul – Chicken Reel / Swing West! Guitar Sliners (R&T)
club listings backdrop:
Link Wray & Raymen – Slinky! (Sundazed)
Chris Whitley – Living With the Law / Living With the Law (Columbia)
Chris Whitley – Phone Call From Levenworth / Living With the Law (Columbia)
Chris Whitley – Home Is Where You Get … / Live at Martyrs (Messenger)
Chris Whitley – Scrapyard Lullaby / Dirt Floor (Messenger)
Chris Whitley – Ballpeen Hammer / Dirt Floor (Messenger)
Chris Whitley – Dead Cowboy Song / War Crimes (Messenger)
Chris Whitley – I Forget You Everyday / Living With the Law (Columbia)

Chris Whitley – Long Way Around / Live at Martyrs (Messenger)
Chris Whitley – Dirt Floor / Dirt Floor (Messenger)
Chris Whitley – Made From Dirt / War Crimes (Messenger)

………remembering link…………..
Link Wray – Rumble / Mr. Guitar (Norton)
Link Wray – Jack the Ripper / Mr. Guitar (Norton)
Link Wray – Bo Diddley / Mr. Guitar (Norton)
Link Wray – Mr. Guitar / Mr. Guitar (Norton)
Link Wray – Batman Theme / Mr. Guitar (Norton)
Link Wray – Comanche / Slinky – The Epic Sessions (Sundazed)
Link Wray – Dance Contest / Slinky – The Epic Sessions (Sundazed)
Link Wray – Guitar Cha Cha / Slinky – The Epic Sessions (Sundazed)

Link Wray – Hillbilly Wolf / Missing Links – Vol. 1 (Norton)
Link Wray – Pancho Villa / Missing Links – Vol. 1 (Norton)
Link Wray – Walkin’ With Link / same (Legacy)
Link Wray – Tattoo / Missing Links – Vol. 4 (Norton)
Link Wray – Be-Bop-a-Lula / Missing Links – Vol. 4 (Norton)
Link Wray – Tijuana / Slinky – The Epic Sessions (Sundazed)

Link Wray – Golden Strings / Slinky – The Epic Sessions (Sundazed)