The Boudin Barndance – 12/14/06

The Boudin Barndance – 12/14/2006
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One of those melting pot nights on the Boudin Barndance this evening where we headed in directions hillbilly, soul, surf, Tex-Mex, R&B, Hasil Adkins, ….. You get the idea. As for features, with birthdays falling right around today, we remembered Queen of the West Coast C&W Rose Maddox and the Silver Fox, Charlie Rich, with sets of music from each. New stuff making its way into the Barndance hit parade for the initial time included releases from Anna Fermin & Trigger Gospel, Pistolera, Sugar Mountain, Jake Ziah, some vintage Tex-Mex from the duo Los Donnenos, and the Viva! Terlingua! Nuevo! compilation. Buttshaker of the night???? An authentic dose of Fernwood rockabilly from Gene Criss with “Hep Cat Baby”. Now onto the goods….

Buck Owens, et al – Buckaroo / Box Set / Rhino (intro)

…….remembering rose maddox……..
Maddox Bros & Rose – KTRB theme, The Goldrush Is Over / On the Air (Arhoolie)
Maddox Bros & Rose – Breathless Love / On the Air (Arhoolie)
Maddox Bros & Rose – I Couldn’t Believe It Was True / On the Air (Arhoolie)
Rose Maddox – Philadelphia Lawyer / Rose of the West Coast Country (Arhoolie)
Rose Maddox – Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down / Rose of the West Coast Country (Arhoolie)
Rose Maddox – Falling For You / $35 & a Dream (Arhoolie)
Rose Maddox – Sin City / $35 & a Dream (Arhoolie)

Marty Stuart & Fabulous Superlatives – Satisfied Mind / Country Music (Columbia)
Candi Staton – You Don’t Have Far to Go / His Hands (Astralwerks)
Kelly Hogan & PVCs – Mystery / Beneath the Country Underdog (Bloodshot)
Ray Wylie Hubbard – Kilowatts / Snake Farm (Sustain)
Tom Waits – Long Way Home / Orphans (Anti)
Jimmie Rodgers- The Yodeling Ranger / Last Sessions (Rounder)

Eddie Hinton – Hard Luck Guy / same (Capricorn)
Reigning Sound – I Don’t Believe / Time Bomb High School (In the Red)
Gene Criss – Hep Cat Baby / Fernwood Rockabillies (Stompertime)
Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson – Soul Shake / Night Train to Nashiville (Lost Highway)
Helene Smith – You Got to Do Your Share / Eccentric Soul: Deep City Label (Numero Group)
Spot Barnett – I’ve Got a Girl / From San Antonio to Gulf of Mexico (Moonshine)

Floyd Cramer – Tricker / Best of (RCA)
Texas Sapphires – Break This Fool / Valley So Steep (Lowe Farm)
Anna Fermin – Romance / Go (Sigh Low)
Ramsey Midwood – Weary Heart / Popular Delusions & the … (Farm Wire)
Cole Mitchell – Bye Bye Baby / Invictus (Wasteland)
Keith Sykes- That’s teh Way You Do It / Let It Roll (Fat Pete)

club listings backdrop:
Los Straitjackets – ‘Tis the Season For (Yep Roc)
Charlie Rich – Midnite Baby / Lonely Weekends (AVI)
Charlie Rich – Who WiIl the Next Fool Be / Lonely Weekends (AVI)
Charlie Rich – When Something Is Wrong With My Baby / Feel Like Going Home (Legacy)
Charlie Rich – Don’t Put No Headstone On My Grave / Feel Like Going Home (Legacy)
Charlie Rich – Life’s Little Ups & Downs / Feel Like Going Home (Legacy)

James Hunter – I’ll Walk Away / People Gonna Talk (Rounder)
Merle Ray – Spanish Beat / Bandera Rock & Roll (Redita)
Los Donnenos – Andando En La Parrada / Grabaciones Originals (Arhoolie)
Pistolera – No To Olvidare / Simepre Hay Salida
Cordero – Maria ELisa / En Este Momento (Bloodshot)
Lost Acapulco – Luna Luau / Mexican Madness (Isotonic)

Yayhoos – Right as Rain / Put the Hammer Down (Lakeside Lounge)
Sugar Mountain – Good Thing’s Gone / In the Raw (Brewery)
Angela Desveaux – Heartbeat / Wandering Eyes (Thrill Jockey)
J-200 – Not Just Now / Trip From Grace (Loose Booty)
Eilen Jewell – Fourth Degree / Boundary County
Michael Hall – The Song He Was Singng When He Died / same (Freedom)

Hasil Askins – When I Saw You Last Night / Moon Over Madison (Norton)
Tommy Alverson – Backsliders Wine / Viva! Terlingua! Nuevo! (Palo Duro)
Jake Ziah – When We’re Apart / The Days Do You No Justice (Red Parlor)

Burton & Mooney / Corn Pickin’ / Legends of Country Guitar / Rhino (outro)

Boudin Dan