CD Review for 1/19/09 – Miss Lauren Marie

Compact Capsules
by Dan Ferguson

Miss Lauren Marie
I’m No Good Without You
Texas Jamboree Records TexJam 0060

Two things are a given when it comes to Fort Horton Studios in Austin, Texas. Run by Billy Horton, a once upon a time member of Hot Club of Cowtown, he takes his recording inspiration from favorite records of the1950’s and 60’s. Knowing that, it comes as little surprise that the Fort Horton Studios is decked out entirely in vintage equipment. From tube amps to ribbon mics to the echo and reverb, it leads to an entirely retro sound that records from everyone from Nick Curran and the Horton Brothers themselves to James Cotton and Kim Wilson have all tapped into. It’s also a good chance that if you’re recording there some of Austin’s most top flight pickers from the country side of the tracks may be on hand to lend their talents. Case in point is the terrific, throwback sounding sophomore release from Austin hillbilly chanteuse Miss Lauren Marie called I’m No Good Without You. Throw this disc into the CD player and you just may think it’s like some long lost relic from the Sun Records era. That equates to mission accomplished from the Fort Horton perspective, but it takes more than just the music and songs to get the vibe right. That’s where Cape Cod native Miss Lauren Marie steps in. She got her start in Boston singing on occasion with the rockabilly trio Two Timin’ Three. When the band made the move to Austin in 2005, Miss Lauren Marie followed and quickly made her mark on the town’s honkabilly scene. Her promising debut in 2006 titled Introducing Miss Lauren Marie helped her do just that. With backing from Austin’s “A” team, I’m No Good Without You presents a much more seasoned singer who is as at home with a Charline Arthur (“I’m No Good Without You”), Janice Martin (“Cracker Jack”), or Moon Mullican (“What Have I Done That Made You Go Away”) number as she is with the songs of contemporary retro types as Sage Guyton (of Lucky Stars fame) or The Horton Brothers themselves. In other words, this gal continues to impress. (Visit

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