Floating the Boat – 10/05/08

This blog is in need of re-energizing, so let’s throw some stuff out there that’s floating the boat at the present moment:

Everyman Rhode Island: Very cool new bistro located at the American Locomotives site on Valley Street in Providence. Good beer selection and one of the cleanest looking gin & tonics (the wife ordered it) I’ve laid my eyes on. Comfort food menu with a R.I. leaning. The meatloaf was about as good as I’ve had (Sorry Woodland in Austin) and the other half’s chicken pot pie got big thumbs up. www.everymanri.com

Mad Men on AMC is must-see TV. ’nuff said.

Late Summer/Early Fall is a good time for beer. Indie beer prices are off the scale, so you gotta go with the local New England brewers for best price & value. Harpoon’s Oktoberfest never fails and I dig the bombers from Berkshire Brewing. Wakefield Liqs has ’em all.

Screw the Pats & Sox (i’m a native NY-er and even with living in R.I. for 30+ years have never warmed up to the “home” team. The passion here is URI Men’s soccer. In general, college soccer to me is about as entertaining a sport as there is. In R.I. you have three quality Divison I programs in URI, Brown, & PC. The latter two are currently nationally ranked. URI is in a rebuilding year, but caught them last night and there is definitely talent to get excited about. Go see ’em. If you’re a soccer fan, it’s the best $5 you’ll spend.

South County:
It’s early October and it is the best time of the year to get your ass in the ocean. Hurricane churn only ups the ante on things. While the temps may dip a bit, the water is still pretty warm and the body surfing is top notch. It’ll change your life.

Road Trip Tips:

Bloodshot Records BBQ at Union Pool in Brooklyn on Saturday, October 25. A great day of music from one of the last true indie labels at a avery cool bar located right under the BQE. Oh yeah, the line-up witht he likes of Cordero, I’m Not Jim, and Charlie Pickett in the house is intriguing/y great. Check out www.bloodshotrecords.com for the scoop.


Giant Sand – a return to form by Howe Gelb and his co-horts.